Bird Proofing Systems

Did you know that bird droppings can transmit germs such as Cryptocuccus, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella & E-Coli? Moreover, the same birds carry ectoparasites on their feathers such as Mites that due to their tiny size, could intrude your house through the window crevices infesting your living areas and causing strong skin allergies and bites.

Protect your Property and Health from bird droppings!

Call us to implement the most effective bird repelling methods according to the morphology of the infested area. Below are some of the methods we use:

protective nets

Weatherproof Nets made specifically for bird proofing building areas.

Photovoltaic Panels

Application of weatherproof protective mesh to prevent pigeons from taking shelter underneath the panels.

photovoltaic panels bird protection

bird repelling gel disks

Discreet, they work through the birds’ eyesight, smell and touch senses.

Vision: In the bird’s eyes, the disks look like smoke/fire which makes them think they are in danger.

Scent: The Citronella & Mint smell is repulsive for them.

Touch: In case they touch the gel, they get annoyed by the sticky sensation.

balcony guard

Ultrasound emitting device (within the spectrum of birdshearing for the protection of small external areas (up to 80 sqm) such as balconies and other parts around the building.

ultrasonic bird repeller

Ultrasonic device that emits frequencies within the birds’ hearing spectrum for the protection of open/exposed structures such as Gas stations, Hangars, Warehouses etc. Range up to 330 sqm.

chimney cover

Protects the chimney from invading or sitting birds.

wire-post system

This method is used for discreet protection on ledges, roof walls and other building areas.

electric strips

The minute the birds land on the strips they get a mild electric shock that won’t hurt them but will annoy them to the point of not wanting to stand there again.

for bird control in Cyprus look no further

Bird Shield